Songs of the Month – October 2012

In my continuous quest of finding new music, I stumbled upon a few gems during October that I think are worth sharing.

At the very least, they should provide some entertainment on this Election Day.

The Growlers – “One Million Lovers”

As far as I can tell, this song is about a dude in a rock band that travels around on tour to a bunch of cool cities with the opportunity to get with a ton of hot girls.  Unexpectedly, however, he’s fallen in love and none of the girls he meets on the road compares to the one that holds his heart.

She got rhythm, it’s right / Some things don’t need words / You know you’re living, when it all becomes a blur

Can’t be explained / And there ain’t no reason to / Something strange just takes over you

Finding love in unexpected places.  Growing up.  Ahh, life.


Tame Impala – “Mind Mischief”

The psych-rock quartet from Perth, Australia have produced a great follow-up to 2010’s Innerspeaker with this year’s recently released Lonerism.


Kendrick Lamar – “Money Trees”

On the fifth song of what may go down as the best hip hop album of the year, Kendrick Lamar samples “Silver Soul” by Beach House in this six-and-a-half-minute masterpiece.  My mind is officially blown.


Ty Segall – “Thank God for Sinners”

Ty Segall’s sound is so raw.  His music incites mosh pits.  His music reminds me of San Francisco.  And makes me forget about everything else.


Wild Belle – “Keep You”

This year marked by third consecutive trip to Treasure Island Music Festival here in San Francisco.  Each year, I’ve been lucky enough to discover a new band that had previously been unknown.  This year, that band was Wild Belle.  While camping out in the front row of the Tunnel Stage in between Hospitality and Ty Segall, we were treated to a full set of funky, laid-back, beach vibes.

Here’s picture I snagged from the band’s Facebook page.  (That’s me in the front center with sunglasses and baseball cap.)

Wild Belle performing at the Tunnel Stage – Treasure Island Music Festival

Considering the beautiful afternoon weather, and the fact that we were literally on an island, it was the perfect set at the perfect time.


What newly discovered music have you been listening to lately?


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