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The Greatest Things About the 2013 NCAA Tournament (So Far)

The first weekend of the NCAA tournament (also known as the greatest four days of the year) wrapped up last Sunday. While I am a bit sad that the next ‘Greatest Four Days of the Year’ are approximately 360 days away, we are still left with 16 teams, two more weekends, and 15 games that will help decide the eventual champion. Continue reading


The Top 10 Marshall Henderson Moments, Plus Wisconsin vs. Ole Miss Prediction

When the Ole Miss Runnin’ Rebels take on the Wisconsin Badgers on Friday, much of the attention will be on Ole Miss shooting guard, Marshall Henderson.

Henderson is a great scorer (20.1 ppg).  He’s also a decent three-pointer shooter (35.7% on the year).  And he takes A LOT of threes (367 attempts in 34 games).

Henderson’s greatest / most awesome / most annoying qualities, however, are his passion and emotion for the game, as well as his ability and willingness to get under the skin of opposing players and fans.

He is polarizing. And it’s awesome. Continue reading

Trinidad James – “All Gold Everything” vs. “All Gold Everything (Remix)”

If you’ve existed for your entire life without experiencing the lyrical genius that is Trinidad James and his hit song “All Gold Everything”, I’m sorry for you. But have no fear, for this is your lucky day. Continue reading

Let’s Get After It

In my 27 years of life, my views on various aspects of the world, life, etc. have changed and evolved over time.  In some instances, rather drastically.  In others, not all that much.  I suppose this is what happens over the course of one’s life.

One thing I used to always think of as ‘the norm’ is the whole idea of ‘people go to college, study to be something, go be that thing, become successful, make money, have a family, live happily ever after.’ Continue reading