The Top 10 Marshall Henderson Moments, Plus Wisconsin vs. Ole Miss Prediction

When the Ole Miss Runnin’ Rebels take on the Wisconsin Badgers on Friday, much of the attention will be on Ole Miss shooting guard, Marshall Henderson.

Henderson is a great scorer (20.1 ppg).  He’s also a decent three-pointer shooter (35.7% on the year).  And he takes A LOT of threes (367 attempts in 34 games).

Henderson’s greatest / most awesome / most annoying qualities, however, are his passion and emotion for the game, as well as his ability and willingness to get under the skin of opposing players and fans.

He is polarizing. And it’s awesome.

If I were to give just one example of Henderson’s perpetual awesomeness, I would not be doing the world any justice.  With that said, here are ten.

I present Marshall Henderson.

10. The Land Shark Gesture

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Mississippi vs Vanderbilt

I’m sure this is just Marshall being Marshall, but I’m guessing opposing fans don’t appreciate seeing this after Henderson drops a big three on their team.

9.  Surprising Respect Shown for Opposing Players

Apparently Marshall Henderson really respects Wisconsin forward Mike Bruesewitz’s game (and behavior).


That may be the first time anyone has described Mike Bruesewitz in such terms.

8.  Complete Disregard / Disrespect for Opponents

In his press conference Thursday afternoon, Henderson noted that: “I know [Wisconsin has] got, like, the 10th-best defense or something. But we also know that Florida and Auburn have better defenses than them. I don’t know”

Well, Marshall, I DO KNOW. According to Ken Pomeroy’s Adjusted Defensive Efficiency ranking, which estimates the amount of points per possession a team would allow against an average Division I offense, Wisconsin is 2nd nationally (behind only Louisville). Florida is 3rd. Alabama is 26th.

Then again, why should Marshall Henderson really care anyways? He is…

7.  “Tired of Doing All This Stuff for Free”

In Thursday’s press conference, Henderson discussed his overall view of the NCAA Tournament:

“I’m trying to get paid here soon, because I’m tired of doing all this stuff for free. And this is where you make your money, the NCAA tournament.”

It’s hard to argue with that. And this also isn’t the first time Henderson has alluded to the fact that the NCAA tournament may be his golden ticket.

6. “Get This Money”

Regarding his plan for his play in this NCAA tournament, Henderson wants to “make a name for myself so I can get this money…I know personally for me the last couple years I’ve seen Steph Curry and Jimmer Fredette. They got their money, that’s what I’m trying to do.”

5.  Losing His Shit Against Vanderbilt

(Presented without comment)

4.  Twitter Game

When it comes to tweeting, Marshall Henderson has some real gems.

I mean…

Always great to see a student-athlete pumped about the student part.




3.  The Gator Chomp

Henderson hit a huge three in last weekend’s SEC Championship game against Florida. Then this happened:


Henderson describes his above action as “just clapping…really wide.”

2.  The Photography

If you ever have an hour to kill, just type in “Marshall Henderson drunk” into your Google image search bar.  Just phenomenal. For example:



And this.




I feel sorry for her parents.

Also, the above pictures were so aptly titled “Marshall Henderson – Drunk Party 2013”, “Marshall Henderson – Coors Light”, and “Marshall Henderson – Tongue”.

I wish I could take credit for any of those.  I cannot.  Instead, I will just appreciate.

1.  Marshall Reminds Auburn Fans That Auburn Sucks

No matter what else Marshall Henderson does in his basketball career or his life, nothing will ever top this. I mean NOTHING. This GIF is everything.

(Click on the picture for the full effect.)


Thank you, Marshall Henderson, for being you.

(Side note: Jeff Barzello of CBS Sports provides an awesome breakdown of the GIF that is absolutely on point.)

It’s difficult to be indifferent about Marshall Henderson. He is a punk. He’s also hilarious, entertaining, and a firecracker. He is truly must-see TV.

To be honest, I actually kind of like him.  There’s something to be said about a guy who just wants to win and wears his emotions on his sleeve every play.

But the Wisconsin Badgers will not be fazed by him or his antics. More importantly, they’re built to succeed against this exact type of player.

The Wisconsin defense is predicated on forcing opponents into taking bad shots, while its offense is all about finding the best shot.  I expect Henderson to take a lot of shots – especially three-pointers – during the game, but I don’t expect many of them to be great looks. If that’s the case, Henderson could struggle and become frustrated, which will lead to more bad shots, etc.

Henderson will have his moments, and get his points, but I believe the Badgers will have the last laugh.

Prediction:  Wisconsin 67, Ole Miss 56


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