Going to Las Vegas

The first and only time I went to Las Vegas, I barely slept and came home with a white envelope full of more cash than I’ve ever held in my hand at one time.

In a word, my first Vegas experience was: successful.

I’m making my return trip to Las Vegas next weekend. My fiancé is out there on business related to a well-known tequila manufacturer, so I’m heading out there to spend time with her and do some gambling.

But mostly I’ll be there to play craps.

Just kidding. Well, partially. I will be playing craps and also dabbling in a bit of poker. Maybe even a sports bet or two if things are going really well.

The last time I went to Las Vegas, I spent over 10 hours at a craps table in the Venetian, stayed up late enough to see the 9am college football games start, and ate breakfast BEFORE going to sleep.

From 8pm this Friday until approximately 8pm on Sunday, this will be my life:





More leisure:


If I never come back it’s because I won a million dollars and decided to become a professional craps player for a living. Either way, I’ll do my best to document my excursions as much as possible.

Viva Las Vegas. Let’s goooooo.


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