Airport Musings

The great thing about airport bars is that they always have “tall” options.

For example, I just ordered an Anchor Steam hoping for a nice cold pint, but was offered the “tall” version instead.

Because I’m a living human being and I enjoy beer, I gladly accepted.

Here is said tall Anchor Steam.

Yes, I just took that. And yes, I’m writing this on my phone via my fingers. Technology at it’s finest!

I’m always pleasantly surprised by how smooth security lines can be, especially when I’m not in a hurry.

There was one lady, however, who decided it was completely acceptable to check in for her 5:50 flight to San Diego at 5:25. Hey, I get it. Why spend unneeded time at the airport?

But this lady took it next level.

Not only did she not meet the half hour cutoff for check-in, she was appalled and borderline offended that the kiosk — which is programmed to obey such protocol — would not allow her to check in for her flight. Because it clearly is HER flight.

Not to be outdone at check-in, this woman proceeded to just cut the security line because, you know, she had to catch a flight in 10 minutes and it was totally someone else’s fault.

I didn’t mind though. I was about an hour early for my flight, so I let her pass. She did get pretty touchy feely with my security trays, but I avoided confrontation. Not because I would do anything to avoid confrontation, but because I didn’t want to be the next reason why she almost missed her flight. I don’t need those types of bad vibes going against me.

After all, that’s why airport bars have “tall” options.

God bless them for that.

Also, if for some reason Ms. In-A-Hurry ever finds this, I’m sorry. I’ll buy you a beer sometime.


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