RiFF RAFF Shoulda Won a Grammy

Last week I wrote about how Macklemore — who won the Grammy for Best Rap Album, among other Grammys — texted that Kendrick Lamar really should have won. It looks like someone else wants to throw his hat into the ring.

RiFF RAFF, a.k.a. Jody Highroller, a.k.a. one of the best Twitter accounts in the history of the world just released a song called “I Shoulda Won a Grammy”. Featuring a guest verse from Action Bronson, check out the track below:

So why did RiFF RAFF deserve a Grammy? Why does he think he was snubbed? Unfortunately, he doesn’t elaborate so much.

One thing we know for sure is that haters cannot stand RiFF RAFF. We know this because he states this fact approximately 100 times during the song.

Although the track is only three minutes long and contains just two verses (one by RiFF RAFF and the other by Action Bronson), it really starts and ends with one line:

Diamond Yugoslavia, shootin’ jumpers, Toni Kukoč.

Then again, the “rap game Langston Hughes in the candy Chartreuse” is pretty strong work as well. As is this gem:

“OJ Simpson, I’m the head honcho /
Could’ve played for Toronto, but they found a dead body in the back of my Bronco.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth, “RiFF RAFF for mayor, Jody President.”

RiFF RAFF’s lyrical mastery is something that we as a human race can barely appreciate in the present. I’m confident, however, that his genius will live on far into the future, Grammys or no Grammys.

In the mean time, I’m still waiting for RiFF RAFF’s book based solely on his tweets. There’s a 100% chance that will / would be phenomenal.


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