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Facebook Turns 10. I Reflect on my Timeline. Things Get Real.

Facebook recently turned 10 years old, which by the way is pretty crazy! It got me thinking about my Facebook life, however. Whether it be the way I use Facebook, the things I post, or just the total amount of time spent on the site per day, a lot has changed in the 9+ years since I joined the site. Continue reading


Esurance Wants to Make You a Millionaire with #EsuranceSave30

After the Super Bowl ended on Sunday night, Esurance aired a commercial advertising its “Save 30” campaign, which will award $1.5 million to one lucky person. The idea is that by purchasing the first ad spot AFTER the Super Bowl, Esurance saved 30% — or approximately $1.5 million — and wants to pass this savings along to the people. Continue reading

RiFF RAFF and Harmony Korine to Create Potentially Best-Selling Book

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The most wonderful thing about the internet is that it sometimes gives you a gift when you are least expecting.

Sometimes you’re just browsing after a long day’s work, trying to catch up on all of the day’s news. You may check sports scores. You may read up on the latest pop culture happenings. But sometimes, nothing, NOTHING can prepare you for what you find. Continue reading

The Harlem Shake – A (Not So) Scientific Analysis

According to its Wikipedia page, the ‘Harlem Shake’ internet meme emerged on February 2nd with a video uploaded to YouTube by user TheSunnyCoastSkate.  The format of the video is simple: Continue reading