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Bob Costas, Olympic Hero, is Having a Rough Time in Sochi

Anyone who has ever had pink eye knows how it works. You wake up one morning and your eye feels partially glued shut. The next morning it gets worse. All of a sudden your eye IS glued shut. Then it’s itchy. Then maybe it spreads to the other eye. Then you need some type of eye drops in order to make everything go back to normal.

It sucks, to say the least.  Continue reading


January 24, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Kasey Lawrence:


Kasey has been known to enjoy a drink on the couch from time to time:


Or a nice recreational puzzle.


Kasey is one half of one of the greatest beer pong teams of all time. That trophy don’t lie.


She’s been known to ‘pop it’ at weddings whilst wearing stunner shades. Because that’s what people are supposed to do at weddings:


Somehow, I’ve convinced her to marry me. I fully anticipate she will be donning the stunner shades on our wedding day.

Today is Kasey’s birthday! 

Tonight we relax.

Tomorrow we celebrate!

Let’s Get After It

In my 27 years of life, my views on various aspects of the world, life, etc. have changed and evolved over time.  In some instances, rather drastically.  In others, not all that much.  I suppose this is what happens over the course of one’s life.

One thing I used to always think of as ‘the norm’ is the whole idea of ‘people go to college, study to be something, go be that thing, become successful, make money, have a family, live happily ever after.’ Continue reading